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Jiuzhou War坐骑系统图解

Diagram of “Jiuzhou War” Mount System



Walking with four strong feet fast and loudly,

Its body looks colorful and shining golden light;

It takes just a minute to travel the world,

And only its top magic can enable that.

The poem talks about a black unicorn, the mount of the grand preceptor Wenzhong who’s the pillar of Shang Dynasty.


As the development of the version, the mount system is opened in the game world of War of Legends, which has been a long desire to various players. The following screen shot is the instruction of this system:


Recommendations on use of mount


1. Governors (generally top grade legends) or legends that require expanding the upper limit of their mana can use the mount with +magic, such as Golden-eye Camel, Single-corn Lamp Black Beast, etc to increase the resource output and accelerate the construction progress.

2. Pursuit of high attack. It generally refers to full-courage legend generals with bow. It is advised to equip mounts with +courage, such as Savage, Red-fume Horse, etc to expect for second kill.

3. Pursuit of high defense. It generally refers to full-strategy Buddha with vehicles. It is advised to equip mounts with + strategy, such as Nine-cloud Camel, Jade Unicorn, etc to reduce loss of force.

4. The comprehension of Hamlet varies from reader to reader. Therefore, it is recommended to select the mount combining everyone’s own habit and actual conditions. The above suggestions are just for reference.


Eliminate enemy personnel (x15) with machete


Eliminate enemy personnel (x5) with one mortar explosion


Sink enemy vessels (x5)


Eliminate enemy personnel (x10) with animal traps


Kill (x4) enemies with one mortar primed animal trap


Use elevated improvised positions for confirmed sniper kills (x20)


Eliminate enemy heli before lift off


Destroy sentry turret (x2) while disabled


Eliminate enemy personnel (x10) with heli turret


Eliminate enemy personnel (x30) while using optical camo


Protect ASD resource from destruction





Secondary Grouting

灌浆料的选择应符合PTS31290010 API686中灌浆料的选择要求。

The grouting material shall be selected in light of corresponding requirements provided in PTS31290010 API686.


The grouting operation of secondary grouting shall be arranged within 24h after the acceptance of concealed work, final leveling and alignment of machine, or repetition measurement and verification shall be done for leveling and alignment of machine before grouting. Under adverse weather conditions, it might be necessary to use weather proof shield. Wind, sunlight, rain water and ambient temperature will have some certain influence on the installation quality of grouting.


Under hot weather, it’s essential to cover the foundation and equipment with shed to prevent the unmaintained grouting from exposing to sunlight, dew, mist and rainwater directly. In cold climates, it is required to build a suitable covering to seal the foundation completely. The convection heating source shall be furnished to heat up the temperature of the entire foundation and equipment to above 18(65) and maintain for at least 48h.

与二次灌浆层相接触的底座底面应光洁无油垢、无防锈漆等。The bottom of the foundation connected with the grout blanket shall be free from oil dirt or rust proof paint, etc.


The height of the secondary grout blank shall be generally above 25mm50mm. The cavity inside the foundation shall be poured once and fill the clearance thoroughly.


The foundation surface shall be flushed with water and keep humid not less than 2 hours. The ponding shall be dried 1h before grouting.


Exterior moulds shall be mounted before grouting and the distance from the mounds to the foundation bottom plates shall be at least 75mm (3’). The grout blank shall be 10mm higher than the lower surface of the bottom plates. The same equipment shall be grouting once without fractional operation; the grout blank at the outer edge of the foundation shall be even and artistic.


Grouting shall be started from one end of the moulds and perfuse the cavity completely during grouting, which may avoid air entrainment. Vibration shall be not a good option for assisting the flow of grouting material, since it will separate the aggregate from the resin binders. Instead of short-distance poking, the long-distance pushing shall enable dispersion of grouting material by limited usage of pushing tools. Severely knocking the grouting shall be not allowed.


A headbox shall be employed for stream guidance during grouting to increase the liquidity of grouting material.


Only when the secondary grout blanket has reached over 75% of the design strength can the mini jack or jack screw be loosened, the temporary support be withdrawn and meanwhile the levelness of machine be retested and the cavity be filled thoroughly.


The screw jacking pocket of the mounting plate shall be filled with such flexible sealing material (no grouting) as room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, etc or by short-cap screw, in which case the screw shall not extend to under the tapped hole of mounting plates.


After grouting maintenance, the expansion joint shall be sealed with flexible epoxy joint sealant (liquid sealant) or silica gel (RTV).


After the complement of grouting maintenance, a thick flump shall be heard once the top cover plate of the inspected foundation is knocked; if clearance exists, borehole pressure repair and backfill shall be arranged.


Inspecting the softness of grouting. Here is the method: place one magnetic dial gauge on the bed plate (based on the concrete foundation), inspect any movement during unscrewing and fastening of foundation bolts. The movement of the bed plate shall not exceeding 20 micrometer (0.001 inch).



Startup of single desulfurization system 解除隔离(参见解除隔离程序) Isolation lifting (see isolation lifting procedure)


Lift isolation of the equipment required to put into operation in the subsystem according to the process ticket and manually operate switching on for power supply. 吸收塔上水(参见吸收塔系统启动程序) Absorber feedwater (see the startup procedure of absorber system)


After startup of the mist eliminator pump system and filtrate water pump system, inject water to the absorber. Here is the operational sequence:

1)        手动打开滤液水至吸收塔控制水阀50%开度,向吸收塔注水

Manually open the filter water to 50% opening of the absorber control water valve and inject water to the absorber;

2)        操作除雾器冲洗水顺控启动操作器发出启动指令,除雾器冲洗水系统顺控启动向吸收塔注水;

Operate the mist eliminator flushing water,start the manipulater through sequential control to give start commands, then start the mist eliminator washing system through sequence control to inject water to the absorber;

3)      当吸收塔当吸收塔液位达到3500mm时,吸收塔搅拌器联锁启动;

Interlock start up the absorber agitator whilethe liquid level of absorber reaches 3,500mm;

4)      5台吸收塔搅拌器联锁启动后,停止停步除雾器冲洗水系统以及滤液水至吸收塔液位控制阀。

After interlock startup of 5 sets of absorber agitator, stop halt mist eliminator washing system and the filter water to make the liquid level reach the absorber liquid level contral valve. 冷却水增压泵启动(参见冷却水增压泵系统启动程序) Startup of cooling water booster pump (see the startup procedure of cooling water booster pump system)


Preparation before startup:

1)        吸收塔系统液位达到5500mm

Liquid level of absorber reaches 5,500mm,

2)        对该系统冷却水泵A/B做一用一备选择。

Make selection of one main unit and one standby for the system cooling water pump A/B.

3)        打开选择增压泵进出口手动阀以及主管线上阀门;

Open and select the manually operated valves of booster pump inlet and outlet and valves on the main pipeline;


Let the desulfuration line personnel operate the preselected booster pump manipulater to start up the booster pump.